Monday, October 27, 2008

Family Reunion

We took a trip up to Washington with my Mom and Dad for the Panter/Daley family reunion. It was a very long drive, but fun to spend time with the old family. My sister Nina and her family attended as well. Aunt Kit came along with us and we were a snug fit! It was great to see family from so far away. So much changes in two years, people have more kids, get married and unfortunately pass away! Cherish the times we spend together, who knows whose time on earth is limited! We attended an amusement park/water park, that the kids absolutely loved! Great times~ thanks Moma and Dad for having us tag along :)

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The Funky Bunch said...

It's so fun to get together with extended family. The kids always have a great time with cousins. Glad you had fun. Cute pics. (Oh, this is Mylee by the way!)