Monday, August 4, 2008

7 year Anniversary

So, we have reached our 7 year itch! Ya, I know.... its totally crazy. We took the kids up to my moms and Brandon had a suprise day planned out for me. All he told me was to wear closed toe shoes and Jeans. (ones that can get dirty) So I packed a over night bag, and we were off. He thought he was so funny and sneaky and was throwing out all these random things trying to scare me, but we ended up at the Heber Creeper in Midway. We rode the train down the beautiful canyon and veered off to a corral where we went horse back riding in the mountains. Brandon is alergic to horses, so it was a real effort on his part. He had popped a few allergy pills a ways back so that he could manage. It was so nice.... very pretty scenery and peaceful! After riding we had a picnic. We headed back to Park City, and I was assuming that we had some time to kill, so I asked Brandon if he wanted to take a look at where I had sang the weekend before and how beautiful it was up there! We headed up to Stein Ericksons Lodge at the top of Deer Valley and I was kind of narrating the drive and we came up to the gentlemen that was mandating the cars. I told Brandon just to tell him we were lost and we would turn arround. Brandon goes on to tell him we have reservations there - and I hit him and said "don't lie to him, just tell him we are lost!" And he looked and me and said "No - we have reservations here tonight!" Yikes, it was so funny. I was totally taken back. If you've ever been up there, it is absolutely gorgeous! So crazy as it was, we got our room, enjoyed swimming in the outside pool with catered fruit as we basked in the sunshine! We took the shuttle down to main street and looked around - did dinner and such! It was a great anniversary! I will have a tough time planning our anniversary next year to even compare! Have any great ideas?


Justin, Tristine and Addison said...

Hey you! Congratulations to you guys! I can't believe how fast time goes by. :) Hugs!!

tRacy g said...

Wow girly, congrats! Hope all is well with you all! xoxo!

Anonymous said...

congrats on your 7 year anniversary. you guys are so cute!