Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial at the Dunes

We went to the dunes for Memorial and there were a couple of crashes, some bad weather, and little fun in between. Bryce fell into the motorhome and knocked her front tooth in and cut up her lips pretty bad. It was trama. And of course when she sees the blood, then we're are really in for it! Poor thing. I was almost as upset as her! We've since taken her to the dentist and she is going to have to get that tooth pulled. So, that means shes going to be toothless for years, well until her other tooth comes in. Ugh, it was so upsetting though. I just felt so bad! There were a couple of bad crashes in our group. Nat was picked up by the emergency sand rail. She ended up fracturing her spine- Ouch! And Nina's son Jimmy brought a friend out who happened to crash and broke his arm and sprained his wrist! It was awful! Lesson be... watch what type of hill your coming up to, the way down on the other side could be a doozy!


Lytton's said...

Looks like it was a rough trip out this time around... Hope everyone recovers well :)
We need to get together sometime ~ miss ya!

Kristin said...

Poor little Bryce. Tom's two youngest (Morgan & Cael) both lost a front tooth at about that same age. Ouchie!

Your kids are just adorable! I sure hope that I get to see you some time this summer!

Jennie said...

poor baby! I felt so bad when B told us about the trip! Everyone was still pretty lucky even with the injuries! Love ya tons! let me know if I can do anything!! :)

tRacy g said...

Hey Brades...looks like a tough trip, we've had those before too! hope your 4th was better. Ours was great, Josh's wife had the baby so we've got a 4th of July baby. just found out kensi is pregnant, i am so jealous! miss you guys!!
♥ tracy