Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lake Havasuu

As a very last minute decision, Brandon and I had the oppertunity to go down to Lake Havasuu with my sister and her husband, along with my cousin and her friends! It was like taking a trip to the islands, but we were here in the US. The water is a greenish blue, the weather was very nice, and the fun free lifestyle was abroad! We hung out in the boat, baking in the sun, but the water a little bit cool! By the Naked Turtle there was a blow up playground.... and yes I did get in the water! It was a lot of fun!


Jennie said...

i'm so glad you had fun! i love havasu! i'm glad you updated your blog finally :) we don't see you enough anymore so keep the updates coming! luvs!

Ty, Jess & Hunter said...

Hey cute girl! I found your blog of course through Jennie:) and I had to say hi! You guys look like you had a blast down at the lake. I just love your cute little fam! I hope to see you at the game this Tues!