Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bad News Blues

So Bryce and I were playing around and she shut her finger in the car door! Eeekkk - she absolutely hates band aids. Thank goodness she didnt break it, but it was pretty banged up! Then on Friday night I had a gig up in PC with my sister and on my way down Parley's canyon I got a flat tire! So, I called my brother in law to come help me, because Brandon was home with the kids already in bed!(It was like 11:30pm) He drove down from Heber with my sister to help. He changed the tire, put on the spare... we drove off and poof! I pulled over and the spare had blew! Ahhh - so Andy called my dad, dad called Belchers towing to pick up my car for me, and they ended up driving me home! Huge inconvenience, way out of their way from HEBER to LAYTON! But.... I am so greatful they were able to help me out! So, we got up early and headed down to Brandon's football game. The kids and I were watching the game, and somehow Boston dug me right in the eye. Ggrrrrrr - and normally it would have just hurt for a minute and then it would go away....but no! I immediately took the kids to the car because I couldnt see. My eyes were weeping so badly! I literally couldnt open my eye for like a day and a half! It swelled up all big, and I wore sunglasses to hide behind! WE headed up to PC to get my tire fixed on my car, and I wasnt able to drive home because of my eye! It was awful - Kind of a crummy weekend!


Austin G said...

Not fun! My eyes started watering as I was reading your post.

Jennie said...

when it rains it pours :) you're eye looked good on tuesday night at least!