Wednesday, March 19, 2008

San Diego

Just a week after our trip to Mexico, we were off to take a trip for our children. We ventured down in our big burtha motorhome to Mission Bay's Campland on the Bay with my whole family. My mother and father and all the girls and their kids. All together there was 26 of us. Oh my goodness did these kids have fun! It was outisde everyday- all day. Bike rides, playing on the beach in the sand, swimming in the pool, playing with all our cousins! Boston cried every time we entered the camper, he was determined to be outside all day! With the help of my neices, the kids we entertained every moment! We drove up to Disneyland - "To see the Princesses"! Bryce was very distracted by the fact that the princesses were there somewhere, that she wasn't interested in any rides. After an hour in line we met a few, and they talked with her, in which we had accomplished what we had come for! Boston did NOT like the loud music on the rides. He clung to my sleeve whenever we entered darkness! The trip was so nice! We couldnt have asked for better weather! And our motorhome did great!


Austin G said...

Fun Vacations! Lucky!
Disneyland is so much fun for kids (and adults). The princesses is the most important thing there for little girls. Ashlyn fell asleep while we were waiting forever in line to see them, so we just have a bunch of pictures with me holding her next to them.
Hope you made many family memories. Our girls still talk about Disneyland like we went yesterday. They loved it so much and it makes me happy to see them so happy.

Tracy said...

Hi Brades! Looks like you guys had so much fun! We were at Disney last week for our one year anniversary, we had a blast. One day we will go there with kids!! Love & miss!

Heidi and Maxwell said...

Hey cutie are you! Your pictures are SOOO darling and it was fun to see so many pictures of the Daley fam. I'm sad to say I only know a few of the grandkids.
Your vacations sound like they were so much fun and I just want to squeeze your kids because they are SO stinkin' cute. They are growing fast!
Well, I hope you have a great day and weekend. I love you lots!

Tell Brandon "hi" from the Petersen clan.