Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mexican Riviera

Brandon and I had the time of our lives cruising along with 34 friends to the Mexican Riviera! We were completely content just enjoying eachothers company. The girls basked in the sunshine, while the boys played shuffle board on deck. Our daily outings were taken at the casino, hot tub, solarium grill for some burgers, dining in the dining room, and ending the night in the Viking Lounge for a whole lot of fun - and dancing! The trip was so laid back and care free. Soooo much fun! We stopped at Cabo and went Jeeping and zip-lining. Mazatlan - we kicked it at the beach and the boys played some football. Puerto Vallarta, we were ridin' dirty in some mechanically challanged dune buggy's through some chilling rivers and muddy puddles. It was so nice to be able to get out in the sunshine and away from our snowy homestead! The trip will be forever memorable!


Jennie said...

it's about time you updated this!! :) I love the pix! it looks like you had a blast! next time we'll hopefully make it! sexy you in the red dress too! ;)