Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Merry Christmas to All

This Christmas was a lot of fun with our little Bryce boop! She was alittle overwhelmed with stuff and therefore could not focus, but it was fun! Boston really didn't care about the gifts. but as always enjoyed watching his sister be hyper and crazy! We went out on Christmas Eve to see the lights and go to graves with Brandon's family! We set out our cookies and milk for Santa and off to bed we went! In the morning we woke up to a Jeep and lots of presents under the tree! I need to work on being alittle more secretive next year - most of the gifts were wrapped and under the tree long before the big day! Hey - I'm new at this stuff! And then, of course the big day was filled with lots of food and family around! We are so blessed to have such wonderful families! We are so very grateful for the lives that we are able to live!